Learn, Empower,Enrich Repeat-The purpose of a purposeful life

Nocturnal inspiration

If you could inspire everyone in your immediate surroundings to maximize their latent potential, you would dent the universe significantly, but you need to remember that you cant give what you don’t have, hence maximize your own latent energies fist.

The first and most difficult step in fulfilling ones potential involves muting ones conscious.  It has the uncanny ability to envelope all your ideas with paradoxes as soon as they transpire. This is the exact reason all genius’s give impetus to instincts. Instincts, being spontaneous, don’t allow consciousness  to cloud the normal flow of thoughts and impair action from taking place through multiple kinds of fear.

Once you have overcome the hostilities of your conscious mind even in the pursuit of trivial tasks, you present yourself the mechanism to mirror the same for the bigger games of life. The day you can elucidate the same to another person without having to make too much of an effort is the day you conquer your conscious mind.

A Universe full of potential

Never underestimate the potential of another soul,just because it is dormant. Once provided with the adequate amount of empowerment to overcome the inertia of dormancy, it will be capable of achieving things beyond the realms of your imagination. Share the knowledge which was shared with you by the soul of the universe through varied mediums. The law of this universe compels us to live in unison with the force and assist as many people in realizing this fact.

Stay away from the ones handicapped by education. Most of them had no clue as to why they pursued what they did, they were just after the financial security that follows. The actual students are the ones who learn from every situation, they have the best teacher in the form of the universe, their observation power surpasses any amount of textual knowledge they can consume, their struggle towards bettering themselves with every passing moment( Kaizen) is their supreme test.

“Cover the candle to secure it from the gust of wind and you will never know how far its radiance reached.

We all have to burn out one day irrespective, why not dance in the wind till then, at least we can illuminate the lives around us.”

Most of us do the same with our lives, we don’t give adequate opportunities to the flames burning inside us to express themselves and cover our brains with MBA’, MCA’s, MYA’s to secure against the impending apocalypse which never arrives. Why do we want ourselves to be slaves to our fate when we can dance through life while teaching others how to do the same.

We should derive our purpose in life by making others lives purposeful. Learn, empower, enrich our universe is the best teacher and you the most receptive student.


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