Oh, where will the title go

Although I belong to a cricket crazy nation where the name of a certain player is synonymous to God, writing about cricket doesn’t appeal as much as the more popular game on the planet, soccer. Over the years, Soccer has been more popular than cricket because its ephemeral nature, which condenses all the sportly drama in a 90 minute time frame,just like a well written article which conveys relevance succinctly. 

Lets narrow down to the Premier league which is shaping up as the most open race to the title in recent history.

Mourinho’s back but the forward lines got the blues, Why did he let Lukaku still few have a clue,

They say he was shipped out to dent others titles hope, but without the goals Chelsea themselves cannot scope.

The red of Manchester are still finding their feet, We used to talk about their flair now we talk about how Young men in red cheat,

Leaking those goals is where the two Manchesters meet, sometimes I don’t understand what Pellegrini speaks,

Moyes is still partially at Everton, the training’s more than what world class players need,

It barely does any good,an  18 year old boy has been saving them week after week.

Southampton are flying higher than expected, we could see them next year in the champions league,

Only if Tottenham with AVB and the 7 bought for Bale flatter to deceive.

Liverpool look solid but hope SAS are supported well by the wing backs,

Too much experimenting at the back would do know good, Roberto Martinez’s miser defense says Rodger that.

In such an open race it comes down to nerves, and that’s where experience contorts.

and when I asked Gatsby, he said the titles already decided, old sport.

This weeks set up beautifully, Robin welcomes his old fam,

Both clubs have abundance of what the other lacks, Man U could do with any one of Mesut, Jack, Walcott, Santi or Ram, just like Arsene would want any one of Chicharito, Welbeck, Robin or Rooney as part of his plan.



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