Small Town Girl

“Its inside me and I am inside it” Ben Sharp does justice to my state of inebriation with this inimitable heaven on earth that I call Home. The magnificence of my valley is resonated in each and every one of its residents. Just like any other small town every eye sparkles with infinite dreams, every smile conducts the warmest vibe, every soul genuinely cares and every hand munificently shares. Although I might sound delusional but this is what I grew up seeing. Yes vices crept in but the overall balance still tilts towards the good side.

My small town helps me depict its beauties through its beauty. This may even sound true for the small town girls from all round the world.

 “At times she is timid like the gentle streams cascading through colossal stones, at others she is the resolute queen to this mountainous throne .

The elegance in her visage exemplifies the freshness of the air she breathes, her idiosyncrasies distinct to the little world that she has seen.

Her calm demeanor resonates the stillness of the aesthetic landscape around, The natural grace transcends her soul, making it more profound.

Her smile, like the bright sunshine, makes you want to write songs about it,  The divinity in her countenances, makes you feel their wouldn’t be no world without it.

At times more meaningful than stories, at others as naive as a child, Sparkling like a diamond in the sky, a comet leaving a trail of smiles behind.

But then my brains creative curry reveals traces of information which make me worry, The lustre of virtue, enveloped with hedonism, is getting blurry, as my immaculate depiction gets tainted in a hurry.

With fates entwined, the celestial beauties and their exalted hamlets are being inspired by the plastic-city and bigger towns, Thought contamination and unprecedented pollution are consequences, letting our unembellished heritage down.

But once in a while I do find that invigorating smile which makes me realize that the Small Town and Small Town Girl still survives.


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