A bystanders view of more than a jillion hues

HuesThere are enumerable gifts and curse of having a wide attention span. Some of us our endowed with the bandwidth of paradigm to notice beyond the obvious, the ones who see the sparkle in the sky when its just abyssal darkness for the others, the ones who can relate to the shapes the clouds take up and the palliative potential of a roaring river,  the ones who notice the sadness in smiles and the treachery in tears,the ones who marvel with rapture the aesthetic vista and the pristine rumble of the jungle, belong to this category. But on the flip-side the same gifted ones endure the wrath that inflated perspicacity endows.  

Some of us go through those inglorious days wherein life seems to trap you in a byzantine maze through its incredulous ways, you feel out of place like cadavers out of graves, the more you fight the feeling the longer it stays. While the majority is illiterate to the ludicrous games life plays, the enchanted solemnly embrace what ever is served on their trays. 

The benighted ones hold just this one advantage over the enlightened, the luxury of not realizing universal allusions because their state of awareness isn’t heightened.

But the ones who are impaired of looking beyond the obvious, cozing in their comfort zones, oblivious , Are actually dwelling in a void, incapable of savouring the subtleties of little moments, so precious.

Meanwhile the bystander attempts in vain to balance his superfluous perceptional potential to juice the brilliance out of the momentary view, But this is his curse, the white comes with the black, and he cant help but notice the full spectrum of hues.

Widen your paradigm, start observing the enumerable pixels in your frame of vision, and you will soon come to realize, You are auto-empowered to bare with the grotesque so that you can gape at the grandeur of this funny thing called life.



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